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Baobab Center Samos

The Baobab Community Center is open to fleeing families with children up to 12 years old. We have around 400 Guests daily. Families must survive under the most difficult conditions in the EU's Reception and Identification center. At our community center, they can experience normality and a friendly atmosphere for a few hours a day. An essential building block to maintain mental health.

This is the conditions in the Reception & Identification Center of the European Union on Samos in April 2019. People are restricted not to leave the island and they have no means to live on their own, so they are bound to this camp. There is no proper food, no showers, no toilets, no waste-management. It is a dystopic place in Europe of 2019.

Volunteers cook with people from the camp and spend up to 400 simple meals per day.

The children can play with us in the center in a clean environment. There is no school they could attend.

Greek volunteers from Samos run their projects at and in the center and teach our guests.

The center is under construction all the time. Volunteers from the camp built it and maintain it.